Onbrd Solutions is a platform on the global market, for all companies and individuals looking for I.T solutions and services. We specialize in Web Design and Development, Desktop and Mobile Application Development, Networking as well as AdvertisingBranding.

Our Works

Our passion for design goes beyond beautiful imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where we believe good design should solve problems and position a product so it stands out as well as stands for something.

Our Business Process

When we take on a project we like to do things thoroughly – this means we follow a set of tasks to make things lovely.
Firstly we Meet. Our Team interviews you to learn about your business needs and goals and to build a relationship.

Our next step is PlanningWe set out a development plan and decide on design concepts and marketing strategies that will be needed to achieve the goals set forth.

We then Develop and Test. Design mock ups and wire frames are formed into fully working entities.We then carry out quality assurance testing of the product and voila we’re ready!

Lastly we Launch. You love our work, we love the result, and we send it out into the world and watch it take off. We monitor, analyse and report on your product performance, finding ways to increase exposure to your target audience and better achieve your goals.


We're looking for talented individuals that want to do great work with amazing people.

Our Clients

Over the past years we've worked with many companies, of all shapes and sizes.